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Our Prediction: The Top 3 Bridal Trends For 2024

Modern Minimalism

Modern Minimalism has been growing in popularity since early 2023 and we don’t see this bridal trend going anywhere anytime soon!

Born about the post-COVID perspective of couples looking to pair back their big day and focus on those elements that really resonated most with their values. Think simple and monochromatic wedding stationary, paired back or more focused florals installations and a move on from the traditional wedding setting – with many couples exploring unique venue backdrops or luxury residential settings.

As for bridal gowns, this trend has seen a huge shift to simpler silhouettes and fabrications – modern yet tailored gowns in sleek Mikado or luxurious silks. What we love most about this trend is its diversity across every style, whether you’re after a dramatic side split, plunging neckline or are wanting the statement of a full skirt and royal length train – just be sure to invest in quality fabrications that hold their shape and truly show off the mastery of your chosen silhouette.

Emily Bradwell & Carlin Sterritt (in Corston Couture)

Georgia Love & Lee Elliott (in Steven Khalil)

Nod to Vintage Glamour

An evolution to the modern minimalism trend – a nod to vintage glamour is beginning to emerge in the bridal scene and we’re calling it – it’s likely be the biggest trend for 2024.

Inspired by the likes of Sofia Richie, Tash Oakley, and Georgia Fowler – simple and effortlessly elegant pieces paired back with just the right accessories.

Expect to see an injection of French lace, luxurious silks and meticulous tailoring. Hair is often slicked back into a neat bun, with neutral makeup and delicate drop earrings.

Smaller, en-masse bouquets and wedding florals – with a focus on wildflowers in the same white and neutral tones.

What we're loving most though? The resurgence of the blusher veil (face covering) – which somehow feels perfectly chic and just the right amount of old-worldly against these settings.

Natasha Oakley in Steven Kahlil

Sofia Richie in Chanel

All Gloved Up

With the rise is minimalistic silhouettes and fabrications, brides are looking to inject detail into their bridal look in new ways. Outside of the usual suspects (we’re talking veils and shoes), we’re seeing brides accessorising more with gloves and sleeves as the perfect addition to their gowns.

The beauty of simpler styles and fabrications is that they give space to the opportunity to add these additional touches in ways that could previously be seen as a little ‘too much’.

Gloves and sleeves are just as customisable as veils – whether you’re after soft tulle, pearl embellished or scalloped lace, the options are truly endless! Best yet, these accessories can be worn outside of just your ceremony and therefore allow brides the chance to change their look countless times throughout their wedding to fit their aesthetic.

Barbara Palvin wears Tulle Gloves

Lauren Burke wears Lace Gloves

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