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Meet the Designer: Megan from Marquise Bridal

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

A brand for the modern bride that has developed a cult following for their sultry silhouettes and minimal chic designs, Marquise Bridal are constantly redefining bridal trends whilst always staying true to their synonymous style.

We caught up with bridal designer Megan Condipodero - Marquise Bridal to discuss everything from inspiration, trends and advice for upcoming brides.

So, let's start at the beginning - what made you want to get into the bridal industry?

I fell into the bridal industry when I got engaged myself and began the hunt for my own gown. At the time I really struggled to find a gown that was a personal reflection of me. Boho Bridal was the trend at the time, and I found gown options outside of that space were limited to quite dated styles that weren’t a reflection of the modern woman.

Where do you find inspiration?

I felt there was a gap in the market for fashion conscious, statement gowns that embodied a confident woman. I wanted to pioneer a bolder approach to bridal, and for my first few collections, I deliberately designed gowns that were the opposite of

what was trending in the market. I initially released limited edition capsule collections, and these collections were first picked up by USA based wedding bloggers, which gave me leverage to launch on a grander scale in the Australian market.

How would you describe the ‘Marquise Bride’?

A Marquise Bride is someone whom I would describe as an effortlessly confident woman. A bride who would wear her gown, not have the gown wear her, and whom is unashamedly comfortable in her personal identity.

What do you predict will be the next bridal trend?

After a long tenure of both plain fabric designs, and soft tulle romantic designs, I predict the next bridal trend will be a return to the statement gowns, with a fashion forward edge. The type of ‘wow’ money shot moments of the bride that we were used to seeing all through our social feeds pre covid.

You’ve been in the industry since 2015, so it’s safe to say you’ve got a wealth of experience! What advice would you give to brides looking for their dream gown?

Oh, a lot! I think as fun as it is to try on a multitude of gowns across a list of boutiques, I believe it can actually be a much more enjoyable experience and provide a more organic pathway to your final decision, if the bride takes a more pragmatic approach. Have a selection of three boutiques, or designers, to visit for your search. In those consultations, try on no more than four gowns per store. I have found, that when a bride tries on a lot of gowns, even if the bride finds “the one’, having the memory backlog of a lot of gowns, in which they may of liked key elements of that “the one” does not have, can end up confusing the decision making process.

Another thing I really encourage when I talk to brides, is when you’re choosing your gown, envisage what the gown will look like amongst the entirety of your celebration. The style of gown you’re in may look amazing, but make sure the style is going to compliment the effort that has gone into styling your day.

What is your favourite gown you have designed to date? And why?

I couldn’t possible pick one. I do have a very sentimental attachment to Harvey. I launched Harvey, a fully embellished, corseted gown with elongated sleeves, when the plain bridal trends were at their peak of popularity. The Harvey went viral and really took the Marquise Bridal brand to its next level.

Since then, I’ve gone on to design gowns such as the Malik and the Iman which have been globally popular across all markets, but my current obsession is the Petra Gown and Overskirt. It is really something else. It has the timeless elegance of that vintage Dior peaked neckline, is has the panel pearl trim across the bust for a luxury finish, and it has our signature Marquise Bridal overlap split, finished with a band of pearls. The overskirt is a couture constructed homagé to the bold bridal trends of previous years, in which I predict will be the next wave of bridal trend.

(Left to right: Harvey Gown, DJ Tigerlily in Custom Bolshoi, Petra Gown with Half Overskirt)

What advice would you give to young designers looking to break into the industry?

Don’t focus on what is trending in the bridal market, instead focus on designing gowns for the women you want to see in them. Your work will be authentic, and your brand will take on a representation that is unique to what you’re trying to achieve.

And finally, what can we expect to see from Marquise in your upcoming collections?

The next collection will see some of our signature corsetry and splits, but I am experimenting with a variety of different necklines and draping methods, as well as continuing to explore the dipped waist trend for a seriously elevated bride.

Watch this space, we cannot wait to see!

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