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Sample Price: $375

Discount: 90% off (RRP $3,500)



Bust: 98cm

Waist: 77cm

Hip: 104 (5cm stretch)

Please note: Ex-floor samples may have stretched from try on and may vary slightly from the measurments listed



Floor sample

Dry cleaning required

Light mending required

Hailey | Goddess By Nature

  • Sample gowns include new and existing floor samples, some of which are tried on but never worn to a wedding samples and as such may require repair, alterations and/or dry cleaning which is not included in the gown price. 

    Sample gowns vary in available sizing which will be disclosed to you by The Ivory Room Bridal. Due to the nature of these samples, measurements of the gown may differ from the initial size grading due to stretch from wear.

    By making payment you understand and agree to the condition of the Sample Gown at the point of purchase and that all sales are final.

  • You understand that you will need to carry out alterations to tailor the gown to your desired fit.

    You acknowledge that alterations will not be performed by The Ivory Room and you will need to engage a third party alterationist to perform your desired alterations.

    Whilst we are able to provide alterationist details, they are a separate business and we are not affiliated nor liable for any work to your gown performed by them. You understand that any alteration work undertaken will be at a separate, additional cost to the order price and will be payable directly to The Alterationist. You understand that once a third party alters the gown, any liabilities on the designer and The Ivory Room is void.

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